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paint & Animate


create everything
you can imagine!


Paint is a feature that lets you create any images you want.


the Canvas gallery is a place where you can see and keep all the images you have created.

there is no limit on number of images you can save.

try to connect some slots to create bigger images.


the Canvas editor is a place for you to draw and paint your images,
everything is up to you!

Paint roughly or do it pixel by pixel to create detailed images.

there are 6 brush sizes and 96 colors available.

Use them to create stunning images!


After you finished painting, you can save the images into 5 different types: Animation, Painting, Block, Platform and Wall.

Please note that you can't change the type of images once saved,
so, please be mindful when choosing!


The images can then be equipped to building slots.

when they are in the slots, you can place them in the scene to create any buildings or creations as you wish.

The custom pantings, blocks, platforms and walls are flippable and rotatable using changing tool. THEY ARE ALSO COLORABLE USING COLORING TOOL.


Bring your creations to life with cell animation and motion editor tools!

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