Fight The Viruses! Build Alien Houses!

alpha version AVAILABLE IN 2021 on steam, ios and android!

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Explore an alien planet,

you must fight stinky Virus monsters

to save the native Alien Animals!

Build new houses

from scratch using blocks on the planet. Design your own alien style houses for the Alien Animals, so they can stay at home to be safe during the virus

ALIEN ANIMALS game is a 2d block-building sandbox game mixed with defense strategy elements.
It has a cartoony, comic-inspired and hand-painted aesthetic.

Choose between two available modes, battle mode and creative mode.


In battle mode, you will build houses while defending against the virus raids.

Plan your strategy, place the alien blocks to strengthen your defense.

Prepare yourself for the invaders that come in waves, and fight with bosses.


In creative mode, hone your artistic sense.

Unlock various blocks and furniture.

Design and build houses, fulfill the requirements for each Alien Animal.

Enjoy building alien style houses to your heart's content.


Play as a single-player or co-op with your friends locally!

(Co-op only available on PC and console version)

You play as an astronaut armed with a laser sword and building tools.

In this side-scrolling adventure, you explore Planet Purplenus and fight the stinky Virus invaders.

While fighting the Viruses, you will discover and have to save as many Alien Animals as possible.

In return, your rank will rise and new more powerful laser swords will be awarded.

As the Virus outbreak is not over yet, your next quest is to build new houses for the Alien Animals after rescuing them.

Help them to stay at home and be safe.

Gather raw building materials, arrange blocks, grow plants, place furniture and design your own alien style houses for the Alien Animals.

This is a creative quest which requires you to build new houses from scratch using blocks on the planet.

set-up defense strategy! The viruses are coming to attack you and raid the houses.
Place alien blocks strategically to help strengthen your defense.

There are 7 races on the planet: the Alienimals, Angelimals, Summonimals, Tribalimals, Dinonimals, Spiritimals and Ghostimals.

Pay close attention as each race will have different housing requirements.


Building houses for the Alien Animals grants you rewards too.

Power-booster charms will be rewarded when you achieve the goals.

You should beware of sneak attacks from the Viruses which can destroy house doors from repeated attacks.

Set-up defense strategy! The viruses are coming to attack you and raid the houses.

Place alien blocks strategically to help strengthen your defense.

There are  14 discoverable Summonimals, each of them specializes in a different element. 
They will join you and help you to remove obstacles and fight the Viruses.

During your journey, while fighting the viruses, sometimes you will stumble upon tough enemies in battle and defeated. When that happens, an Angelimal called twinkingel will transport you to the alien afterlife realm.

Here you will meet the pop music-lover Angelimals who love pop music along with two other immortal races: the Spiritimals who like to chit-chat in family reunions and the not-so-scary Ghostimals who live in between realms.

Meet the Queen Virus in the final showdown and defeat her to accomplish your mission of restoring peace on Planet Purplenus.

Visit the Alienimalogy - a guide that is filled with information of the in-game world, characters, mechanics, items and any other information you’ll need to fulfill your mission!


• Explore Planet Purplenus! Visit exotic places and unique regions.

• Help the sick Alien Animals. Discover and cure them using Aura fruits.

• Fight the invaders! Engage in battles and defeat the Virus pawns and bosses.

• Get help from the Summonimals, they will help to remove obstacles and fight the Viruses with their elemental powers.

• Gather raw building materials. They are spread across the planet, go collect them all!

• Let your creativity flow! Build and design your own alien style houses for the Alien Animals.

Plan your strategy! Place alien blocks to help defend the houses and choose the building strategy that works for you.

• Make the Alien Animals happy. Add furniture & accessories to decorate your houses.

• Visit the Alienimal Village. Meet and interact with the friendly villagers.

• Help those in need. The Tribalimals and Dinonimals will appreciate your helping hand.

• Defeated in a battle? Ascend to the afterlife realm with the help of the guardian Angelimal.

• A second chance. Obtain the legendary Holy fruit and consume it to revive.

• Move your body along with the music. Visit the Angelimal Realm and attend their music concert.

• A timeless place. Have a cup of tea and enjoy conversations with the Spiritimals in the afterlife garden.

• Those who live between two realms, stop by the graveyard where the Ghostimals reside.


And many more...

alpha version AVAILABLE IN 2021 on steam, ios and android!

wishlist now on steam!

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alpha version AVAILABLE IN 2021!

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