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You play as Keanu, an easy-going male astronaut, who is playful, brave and a wannabe hero,

traveling through deep space with his smart female companion, Lave.

She uses her sheer determination and unbeatable analysis skills to guide the valiant astronaut through various adventures.

Lave is the second playable character in co-op mode.

The third space travel companion is Icco.

This robotic dog aids them on their journey by relaying messages sent from Earth and accessing information on the spaceship’s computer.

One day, You receive a distress signal

from the nearby Planet Purplenus.

As Lave checks her computer,

she sees that a meteor shower

took place and a gigantic meteor

landed on the planet.

As space travellers, you, Lave and Icco

decide to visit the planet.


based on the information from the spaceship's computer, The planet is inhabited by Alien Animals, intelligent and playful animal-like alien creatures.


As you land on the planet, an Alien animal connects to Lave’s mobile device using telepathy

from the other side of the planet.

He introduces himself as Brainie.

he explains that the meteor is harboring

an army of viruses. they are disrupting the public, ravaging the land and putting the Alien Animals under threat of extinction.

Brainie asks for your help to fight the viruses and to rescue his fellow sick friends.

The Aura fruit is known to cure any illness, but they are too sick to get it by themselves and so your aid is needed.

Unfortunately, the telepathy call has to end abruptly as the viruses close in on Brainie.


As a wannabe hero, you, Lave and Icco decide to help the Alien Animals.

Shortly after, Lave detects a nearby Alien animal.

The furry yellow alienimal is sick and unconscious, but you cure him using an aura fruit as told by brainie.


he introduces himself as Teltel,

an alienimal with a teleportation power.

he asks you to help them build houses for the alien animals, so they can stay at home and be safe during the virus outbreak.

You embark yourself on a journey through various unique terrains, ranging from a valley full of crystanium to an alien underwater world to a multicolored mountain.


Fight the invaders and rescue more Alien Animals, gather raw materials and build houses to shelter them from the virus invader's attack.


Meet various characters and interact with them, their help are valuable for your journey to progress.

There are 7 races of Alien Animals
living on the planet:
the Alienimals, Angelimals, Summonimals, Tribalimals, Dinonimals, Spiritimals, Spookimals.

With the mission on hand, it's all up to you now.

Can you fulfill your mission and finally bring back peace to the planet?

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