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You play as Keanu, an easy-going male astronaut, who is playful, brave and a wannabe hero,

traveling through deep space with his smart female companion, Lave.

She uses her sheer determination and unbeatable analysis skills to guide the valiant astronaut through various adventures.

Lave is the second playable character in co-op mode.

The third space travel companion is Icco.

This robotic dog aids them on their journey by relaying messages sent from Earth and accessing information on the spaceship’s computer.

One day, You receive a distress signal

from the nearby Planet Purplenus.

As Lave checks her computer,

she sees that a meteor shower

took place and a gigantic meteor

landed on the planet.

As space travellers, you, Lave and Icco

decide to visit the planet.


The planet is inhabited by Alien Animals, intelligent and playful animal-like alien creatures.

There are 7 races of Alien Animals

living on the planet:

the Alienimals, Angelimals, Summonimals, Tribalimals, Dinonimals, Spiritimals, Ghostimals.


As you land on the planet, an Alienimal connects to Lave’s mobile device using telepathy

from the other side of the planet.

He introduces himself as Brainie.

he explains that the meteor is harboring

an army of fierce invaders. they are disrupting the public, ravaging the land and putting the Alien Animals under threat of extinction.

Brainie asks for your help to fight the invaders and to rescue his fellow sick friends.

The Aura fruit is known to cure any illness, but they are too sick to get it by themselves and so your aid is needed.

Unfortunately, the telepathy call has to end abruptly as the invaders close in on Brainie.


As a wannabe hero, you, Lave and Icco decide to help the Alien Animals.

Shortly after, Lave detects a nearby Alienimal.

The fully yellow alienimal is sick and unconscious, but you cure him using an aura fruit as told by brainie.


he introduces himself as Teltel,

an alienimal with a teleportation power.

despite often using it to flee at the slightest sign of danger, he offers to help.

In return, He asks for your help
to find 
Weggy, the leader of the Alienimal race who
 is now being held captive by the invaders.

You embark yourself on a journey through various unique terrains, ranging from a valley full of crystanium to an alien underwater world to a multicolored mountain.

You meet many infected and sick Alien Animals in every terrain.

Your task is to cure them using aura fruits and evacuate them. 

In return, your rank will rise and new more powerful laser swords will be awarded to you.

In each location,

you fight unique invaders

along with the various bosses.
From these bosses,

you learn that the invaders refer to

themselves as Viruses..


..and are being led by a self-centered Queen who stays inside the fallen meteor.

To enter the meteor, you need to collect all 7 meteorite keys,

each key is held by a different Virus boss.


You build new houses

and villages for the evacuated Alien Animals.

Each race asks for different housing requirements.

Once you have built 5 houses of 5 rooms in a big house for 5 characters of each race, they reward you a power-booster charm.

During your journey, you are helped by the three charm keeper Alienimals who will give you a charm which you can used in battle. The three of them are: Tibi, Rey and Osy.

You will also be gradually accompanied by 14 Summonimals, each with a different elemental power which they use to help you in protecting the newly built housing areas.

When you are defeated

in battle, an Angelimal named Twinkingel, will transport you to the afterlife realm.

You can be revived here and you can freely move between Planet Purplenus and its afterlife.


Upon defeating the Viruses and saving their people, you will gain trust from each of the races,
in turn the leader of each race will entrust you with their respective
Star Seeds.


Now with all

7 meteorite keys in hand, you arrive

at the Phantarea Meteor, where you save Weggy, the leader of the Alienimals, that was captured by Hibis, the Queen's pet.

Weggy hands you

the Alienimal Star Seed—one of seven

strange artefacts said to have been divided between the races many generations ago. when put together, they form a powerful weapon, the Constellation Blast.

You face off against the Queen Virus. Obsessed with beauty and believing her people are a superior race, the Queen Virus reveals her plans to “improve” the planet, making it a new haven for Viruses.

When you defeat the Queen Virus,

everyone you encountered through your journey congratulate you. All of them cheer and celebrate, while Lave explodes with happiness and hug you.


With the Viruses now gone, you and your companions bid farewell to the planet, returning to

your spaceship for another exciting adventure.

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